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2015-08-19 17:33:56 by meanpaul


Sugoi, m'lady

2014-04-08 16:42:46 by meanpaul


Are we talking about Tom Fulp?

2014-02-15 21:39:40 by meanpaul

I finally finished my new video, it took about the whole month to do... way longer than it should have taken.

YouTube link:

Newgrounds link:


2013-10-30 18:16:33 by meanpaul

I FINALLY finished it!!!


Halloween cartoon in a week...

2013-10-24 21:36:57 by meanpaul

Kinda stressed that I won't finish it but I have like most of the linework done, all that's left is the second half of the video colored, some lip syncing and backgrounds... I hope I can do this.

Halloween cartoon in a week...

Haven't uploaded anything in a while...

2013-10-07 22:26:29 by meanpaul

Hey everyone, I got like 2 videos planned for Halloween and early November), one is of course a Halloween video and the other one is a short about the Skate games by EA.

I've been having an art block ever since the end of August and a couple of days ago I got back to normal, motivated to draw and animate again.

The EA Skate cartoon is short, but will take me a while to make because I am testing out new stuff, like zooming out by actually redrawing whatever is on the scene and other frame by frame stuff.

After these 2 cartoons I'll start working right away on Mean Paul and I'm planning to release it in January or February depending on how long it will be, I might cut it into 2 parts because I planned the first episode to be 8 minutes long.

Haven't uploaded anything in a while...


2013-07-20 14:18:51 by meanpaul

Hey everyone I'm back!

Anyway guys and girls, this is an update on future projects I'm gonna do. That's right, this is going to be boring so you can leave this page right away.

So I'm working on a video I was planning to do while I was in Russia, I already started animating it but it won't be anything funny, the thing doesn't even have a story that makes sense, it's just a thing I want to do that sounds like fun to animate. Here's a loop from it 0dc93045ee1/tumblr_mq8xnnKgzZ1snzojho1_1280.gif

Next project is going to be the first episode for my series Mean Paul, I have already started writing it like a month ago and I got a bunch of ideas. Episodes for the series are going to take a while to make because I'm planning on doing them between 5 to 8 minutes long. The script I wrote so far is probably the funniest thing I have ever done, not that my previous videos were funny in the first place.

I probably won't release anything for a month or two, because I have to make a video for Videogamedunkey and then probably Filthy Frank's once he sends me the audio.

Thanks for reading! I hope that you guys are going to enjoy my cartoons as much as I enjoy making them.

New video is up!

2013-05-06 06:39:59 by meanpaul

Finally done! click here

Next cartoon is a Mario Kart 7 parody, I already started writing it.

New video soon!

2013-04-14 15:12:35 by meanpaul

I'm working on some video about kids having lots of fun playing! I also have other projects I'm working on, like a Sly Cooper parody, and a PLANES parody! They should be out in the next 2 months or so. I'm really excited for those since I don't do parodies much and they're really fun to write.

Also, I made a Tumblr like a week ago, come on have some fun!

And yeah also this summer I should have more videos out since I won't have school, so I could animate all day and then regret it since it was nice all day! WOO

Also, I finished writing the PLANES parody, though I'll start animating it once I finish the Sly Cooper parody, which isn't even written yet.

ALSO I TOTALLY FORGOT I PLANNED A ZELDA PARODY LIKE 20 YEARS AGO expect it right after this next video

New video soon!